Sustainable tourism in Hanoi, Vietnam

A zip line tourist in Hanoi, Vietnam

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Founded in 1010, in 1954 Hanoi ended up being the official capital of independent Vietnam. A tranquil city of lakes with leafy boulevards, Hanoi exists at the heart of the northern Red Stream Delta and also in some way mirrors a European feel. Particularly the streets of the Old Quarter maintain old historic houses and buildings, where trade takes one back 50 years.  Temples and pagodas show the historic character of Vietnam. Locally there are several resorts which have been recently refurbished with a special care to the standard design and design. Hanoi Hotels are remarkably small but protect an one-of-a-kind captivating setting.

Several of them are set in historical buildings: the Ritz Resort for instance or Happiness Hotel Return Hotel, the Pearls resort, the Old road Hotel, Y Van Waterfront Hotel, Hanoi Plaza hotel and also Hanoi Queen Plaza. They all have frontage on the calm Hoan Kiem lake.  Despite that, they are surprisingly inexpensive considering the standard of service they provide. Staying an evening in any one of these Vietnamese resorts will  cost you from around 3,5 euros per person approximately 15 euros each. Hanoi, as well as Vietnam as a whole, has actually been experiencing a traveler boom since 1993, which of course has actually seen a seepage of western-style food and also styles into the once inaccessible city. Hanoi still has been able to maintained its attractive sense of its history and culture.

This suggests that the city provides lots of solutions for travelers as great shop hotels, web cafés and dining establishments offer large varieties of food. Don’t forget that tourism often has a bad influence on the way tat neighborhood people live, frequently being accountable for changing their preferences, routines and underscoring economic voids and unequal accessibility to important resources. Tourists often cause the price of local goods and services to rise drastically with their presence.

Want to support the locals?  The hotels named above are all owned and operated by locals, so your money will go to them instead of being exported out of the country as happens with many large hotel chains. Respecting regional cultural practices and habits is essential when travelling through Vietnam from your style of clothing to general behaviour while in public areas, to differences in gender roles in local homes. Regarding purchasing example, do not indulge in mass traveler mementos. Sometimes, the very best way to take home part of Vietnam is to get a great picture, buy some exotic spices,  or just have a few great experiences that you’ll never forget.


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