Five Amazing New Jersey Hikes

New Jersey has a wide array of nature refuges and recreational areas throughout the state. If you are looking for an amazing New Jersey hike, check out some of these trails located in different regions of the Garden State. The amazing hikes listed here offer something for every type of hiker, from history buff to nature lover, from families to couples. These hikes are located throughout the state. Try them all!

South New Jersey: Wells Mills County Park

Wells Mills Park is a large park of Pine Barrens with over 900 acres in southern New Jersey. There are miles of hiking trails at Wells Mills. The hiking trails range from easy to difficult so hikers of all ability levels can find a hike that is right for them. Due to the loops and design of the trails, this park offers hiking for families that may need to cut their hike short due to their children’s needs. There is also a Visually Impaired Persons Trail for hikers with visual impairments.

Wells Mills in a nutshell:

  • All levels
  • Visually Impaired Persons Trail
  • Varying lengths

Northcentral New Jersey: Stairway to Heaven

The Stairway to Heaven trail begins on the Appalachian Trail, where you start hiking on a boardwalk. During the hike you will cross a marsh, enter a forested area, cross railroad tracks, and finish by climbing the rock steps, which compose the “Stairway to Heaven.” This trail is on the moderate side of difficulty and there are changes in terrain and elevation throughout the hike.

Stairway to Heaven highlights:

  • Appalachian Trail
  • Various terrains
  • Moderate

North New Jersey: Buttermilk Falls

This easy to moderate hike takes you on a 1.2 mile loop near the highest waterfall in New Jersey. Hikers can continue on for about 7.5 miles to include a portion of the Appalachian Trail in the hike. There are some steep surfaces near the beginning (and end), but primarily includes easy forested roads.

Features of Buttermilk Falls:

  • Easy – moderate
  • 1.2 miles
  • Waterfall views

Central New Jersey: Jockey Hollow

Jockey Hollow is located in the Morristown National Historical Park. There are nine miles of hiking trails that are pretty easy going for most hikers. If you are a history buff and nature lover, Jockey Hollow offers you a perfect hike. Hiking here you can see the countryside where the Continental Army encamped during the Revolutionary War. There are wide paths along the streams in this gorgeous historic area. One of the trails here covers 7.4 miles and has gentle changes in elevation with some steep hills along the way.

Jockey Hollow features:

  • Varying lengths
  • Streams & hills
  • National history

Highlands of New Jersey: Apshawa Preserve

The final amazing hike of New Jersey is located at the Apshawa Preserve. This nature preserve is located on 576 acres and offers hikers gorgeous views of nature and wildlife as well as a peek at the New York City Skyline. Hikers can enjoy over five miles of trails at Apshawa Preserve. This trail is moderate in difficulty and does have some steep areas as well as the possibility of hopping a stream or wet area.

Apshawa Preserve simplified:

  • 5 miles
  • Moderate
  • NYC skyline view
  • You might get wet!
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