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Should you stop burning wood in your fireplace?

For many years, burning wood in a fireplace was the one of the only ways to heat a house. Sitting by a wood fire seems cozy and may stir memories in many of us. In recent years though, wood has been shown to have detrimental effects on health and the environment. Health hazards When you […]

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How Geothermal Heating and Cooling Work

With so many renewable energy solutions becoming more mainstream, you may have heard about geothermal heating and cooling. Another term for geothermal heating and cooling is ground source heating and cooling. Basically, when you heat or cool with geothermal, you are heating or cooling with dirt. Basic information The ground under our feet is warmer […]

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How a Passive Solar House Works

A house intended to take advantage of the solar heat streaming through a window is actively saving energy. The passive solar house can be designed to work hard in every season to maintain a comfortable temperature. Passive solar houses typically exhibit large openings to the south and small openings to the north. A passive solar […]

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How New Jersey’s Solar Incentives Can Help Pay for your Solar Installation

As one of the country’s leaders in solar energy, New Jersey home and business owners are in a prime location to access state support for solar installation. New Jersey’s aggressive incentive and rebate programs have led to the installation of thousands of solar rooftops, including some of the largest in North America. Here, you can […]

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Alternative Energy Source Pros and Cons

Alternative Power Source Benefits and Drawbacks Source: Flickr As a result of increasing international power usage and the probable exhaustion of the world’s non-renewable power resource, methods of exploring as well as utilizing different power sources are being available all around the world.  This is especially important in developing countries that might be able to […]

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